Does Weis Markets Drug Test?

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Yes, Weis Markets does drug test job candidates as part of the pre-employment screening process. The supermarket chain utilizes mouth swab drug tests to detect recent drug use. Candidates who receive a job offer must pass the saliva drug test before being officially hired.

Drug screening policies often vary between companies and even between locations and positions within the same company. Weis Markets has maintained more consistent pre-employment drug testing compared to some other grocery chains. However, the company may drug test in other situations like random employee testing, post-accident screening, or testing for reasonable suspicion.

It’s wise for job candidates to review the specific hiring policies and job listings on the Weis Markets website. Drug testing programs can evolve over time, so the details may change. Checking for the latest information from the company itself is the best approach.

The drug testing details provided here were compiled through research of the Weis Markets website along with feedback from current and past Weis Markets employees. This provides a well-rounded perspective on what applicants can expect during the hiring process.

Does Weis Markets Drug Test?

As mentioned above, yes, Weis Markets administers drug tests to candidates who receive conditional job offers. The company has a long-standing policy of screening for substance use prior to finalizing employment.

What Type of Drug Test Does Weis Markets Use?

Weis Markets utilizes rapid mouth swab drug testing for pre-employment screening. The oral fluid tests can detect recent marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, opiate, and PCP use within approximately 24 hours.

Saliva testing is less invasive than urine analysis or hair testing. However, mouth swab tests have a shorter detection window for most drugs. For applicants who avoid drug use for a couple days before the screening, passing an oral fluid test is more likely compared to other test types.

When Does Weis Markets Drug Test?

Weis Markets conducts drug screening at the pre-employment stage after extending a conditional offer to the candidate. This is the company’s standard practice for bringing on new hires.

Applicants typically have 24-48 hours to complete the mouth swab test at an approved lab facility. Passing the drug screening is required before officially joining the Weis Markets team.

Weis Markets Drug Testing Process

Understanding what to expect during the drug testing process can help applicants prepare for this step of the hiring routine. Here are some key details on Weis Markets’ approach:

How Long Do Weis Markets Drug Test Results Take?

The rapid oral fluid screening used by Weis Markets can provide test results within minutes. The swab drug testing methods allow for fast turnaround compared to waiting days or weeks for lab confirmation of urine or hair testing.

Candidates take the mouth swab test and then receive pass or fail notification from the collection site very quickly. Weis Markets hiring coordinators receive the results electronically to complete the pre-employment process.

What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test at Weis Markets?

Applicants who don’t pass the mouth swab drug test do not move forward with Weis Markets employment at that time. Failed tests typically lead to job offers being rescinded.

However, candidates who dispute positive test results may request a retest or further lab confirmation. Weis Markets allows appeals in some cases before making a final employment determination.

Does Weis Markets Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

If a candidate fails the pre-employment drug test, Weis Markets contacts them directly by phone and provides notice that the job offer is no longer valid. The opportunity to appeal or retest may be discussed during this conversation.

Beyond the pre-employment screening stage, Weis Markets also notifies employees directly regarding any failed random, reasonable suspicion, or post-accident testing throughout employment.

Employee Drug Testing Policies for Weis Markets

While pre-employment screening is standard practice, Weis Markets has discretion regarding additional drug testing of current employees. Here are some scenarios where testing may occur after hiring:

Does Weis Markets Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Yes, seasonal hires go through the same pre-employment drug screening as regular employees. All candidates offered a job must pass the mouth swab drug test first.

For short-term seasonal staff, additional random or reasonable suspicion testing is less common. However, long-term seasonal employees may be subject to further screening.

Does Weis Markets Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Warehouse workers are subject to the same pre-employment drug tests as store personnel. Safety concerns lead some companies to implement random drug testing for distribution center employees.

However, current feedback does not indicate regular testing of existing warehouse staff at Weis Markets facilities. But new applicants should expect the standard mouth swab screening.

Does Weis Markets Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Part-time team members go through pre-employment drug screening like all other new hires. There are no exemptions from the mouth swab testing based on part-time status.

Beyond hiring, additional random or reasonable suspicion testing of part-timers is infrequent. But high-risk roles may receive further screening regardless of full or part-time status.

Does Weis Markets Drug Test Employees?

While pre-employment testing is standard, Weis Markets does not appear to regularly test current employees without specific reasons. The company focuses drug screening efforts on the hiring process.

However, exceptions can be made for reasonable suspicion or post-accident testing. Safety-sensitive positions may also be subject to random screenings. But regular employees seldom report undergoing further drug tests.

Does Weis Markets Drug Test For Promotions?

There are no set policies for retesting or increased screening when an employee applies for or accepts a promotion. Drug testing around promotions is not commonly reported.

As with all current employees, reasonable suspicion testing could potentially occur. But promotions do not automatically trigger mandatory additional screening.

Does Weis Markets Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Yes, workers’ compensation laws permit post-accident drug testing when employees are injured on duty. Weis Markets reserves the right to screen for drugs and alcohol after any workplace injuries.

If intoxication is suspected following an accident, testing provides insight into safety factors. Failed tests can impact workers’ comp and medical leave benefits.

Marijuana Drug Testing at Weis Markets

With growing state legalization, employment policies around marijuana have become more nuanced. Here are some key considerations:

Does Weis Markets Drug Test For Weed?

Yes, the standard mouth swab test can detect THC from recent marijuana use. Weis Markets includes cannabis in the pre-employment drug screening panel.

Even in states allowing recreational or medical cannabis, employers can still prohibit use by employees and conduct drug testing. Weis Markets maintains screening for marijuana along with other substances.

Does Weis Markets Accept a Medical Marijuana Card?

Legally, medical marijuana cards only provide limited protections in certain states. Pennsylvania, where Weis Markets is headquartered, does not require employers to exempt medical cannabis patients from drug screening.

Weis Markets applicants with medical marijuana cards must still pass the standard pre-employment mouth swab drug tests to be hired.

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