Does Vons Drug Test?

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Yes, Vons does drug test employees. Vons administers drug tests on candidates before hiring for most positions. They use an oral swab drug test to check for recent drug use.

It’s common for companies to have differing drug testing policies depending on the job position. For example, warehouse workers and truck drivers at Vons are more strictly tested than cashiers. Vons tends to focus drug testing on safety-sensitive jobs where impairment could endanger others.

Always review the official job posting and policies on the Vons website to learn what requirements you’ll need to meet for the specific role. Drug testing policies can change over time.

This article provides more details about Vons’ employee drug testing policies, procedures, and what you need to know when applying for jobs. The information comes from researching Vons’ website and employee feedback.

What Type of Drug Test Does Vons Use?

Vons uses oral fluid drug testing, also called a mouth swab test. In an oral fluid test, the candidate swabs the inside of their mouth to collect a saliva sample. This saliva sample gets tested at a lab for evidence of drug use.

Oral fluid tests can detect if someone has used drugs in the past few hours up to two days. They are less invasive than urine or hair follicle tests. However, oral tests cannot detect long-term drug use.

When Does Vons Drug Test?

Vons conducts drug tests on candidates after they receive a conditional job offer. Testing happens during the pre-employment screening process before new hires start work.

Random employee drug testing does not typically occur at Vons after the initial hiring test. However, employees in safety-sensitive roles may receive occasional random tests. Testing may also happen after on-the-job accidents.

Vons Drug Testing Process

How Long Do Vons Drug Test Results Take?

Oral swab test results from Vons labs are usually returned within 24 hours. The hiring manager will contact candidates if the drug test comes back positive for substance use.

Vons does allow candidates to explain any prescription drug use ahead of time to avoid issues.

What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test at Vons?

Failing the Vons pre-employment drug test will result in the conditional job offer being rescinded. The candidate will no longer move forward in the hiring process.

Vons has a strict drug-free policy for employees. Testing positive or attempting to tamper with a drug test disqualifies candidates from current and future job opportunities.

However, candidates who fail may reapply for jobs after being drug-free for at least six months. Evidence of completing a rehabilitation program can sometimes shorten this waiting period.

Does Vons Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

Yes, Vons contacts candidates directly if they fail the pre-employment drug screening. This gives the individual a chance to disclose any prescriptions ahead of time or to contest the results if they believe it was a false positive.

Keep in mind that Vons does not tolerate attempts to cheat drug testing. Make sure you understand the drug testing requirements before applying.

Employee Drug Testing Policies for Vons

Does Vons Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Vons does drug test candidates for seasonal roles such as holiday staff. Positions such as cashiers, stockers, and customer service associates must complete an oral swab test after receiving a conditional offer letter.

Does Vons Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Yes, Vons drug tests warehouse workers including order selectors, loaders, and drivers. These safety-sensitive positions require pre-employment drug tests and occasional random testing after hiring.

Does Vons Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Vons administers drug tests for both part-time and full-time roles. Candidates for part-time cashier, deli clerk, and courtesy clerk jobs must pass an oral swab test before starting work.

Does Vons Drug Test Employees?

Vons conducts pre-employment drug screening on most new hires through oral fluid testing. Safety-sensitive positions may receive additional random drug tests. However, general team members are not regularly tested after beginning employment.

Does Vons Drug Test For a Promotion?

Vons does not repeat drug testing when promoting employees to new positions internally. However, employees moving into transportation, warehouse operations, or management roles may be tested again.

Does Vons Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Yes, employees who get injured on the job at Vons will need to undergo drug testing. This testing ensures that intoxication was not a factor in the workplace accident. Failing this drug test may impact workers’ compensation benefits.

Marijuana Drug Testing at Vons

Does Vons Drug Test For Weed?

The Vons drug test detects all illegal substances, including weed. Candidates will not pass the pre-employment screening if marijuana is found in their system.

Medical marijuana use is also not accepted, even with a prescription card. Vons maintains a strict drug-free workplace policy.

Does Vons Accept a Medical Marijuana Card?

No, Vons does not allow medical marijuana use by employees or candidates even with a valid prescription. Testing positive for marijuana will result in a failed drug test.

Candidates using medical marijuana should be aware it may impact hiring eligibility for Vons. Discontinuing use in advance of testing may be required to pass the drug screening.

This covers the key aspects of Vons’ drug testing policies. Always confirm specifics with your hiring manager and check the Vons careers site for current details when applying. Being informed helps ensure you’ll be ready to comply with their employee screening requirements.

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