Does US Foods Drug Test?

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Yes, US Foods does drug test employees. The food distribution giant utilizes urine drug tests during the pre-employment screening process for most positions. Candidates should be prepared to pass a drug test if they want to move forward in the US Foods hiring process.

It’s common for companies to have slightly different drug testing policies depending on the role and location. US Foods tends to be more stringent with drug testing for certain positions like drivers and warehouse workers where safety is a top priority. The company has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to illegal drug use for these types of jobs.

Applicants are encouraged to thoroughly review drug testing requirements on current US Foods job postings. Policies are subject to change so reading the fine print is advised. The information below reflects the most current drug screening practices based on research of the US Foods website and employee accounts.

All background information in this article was gathered from the official US Foods website as well as feedback from current and past US Foods employees. The goal is to provide helpful facts so job seekers can make informed decisions regarding employment with US Foods.

What Type of Drug Test Does US Foods Use?

US Foods utilizes urine analysis for its drug screening. Urine tests are the most common type of drug screening among employers because they are inexpensive and easy to administer.

Candidates are asked to provide a urine sample at a designated testing facility. The sample is then analyzed to detect the presence of substances like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and PCP. Urine tests can usually detect drug use within the past few days but aren’t as effective at finding longer-term or infrequent use.

When Does US Foods Drug Test?

US Foods conducts drug tests during the pre-employment screening process. Candidates who receive a conditional job offer are informed that the offer is contingent on passing a drug test.

At that point, the applicant will need to complete the urine drug screening at a nearby testing facility within 24-48 hours. Employment can’t move forward until US Foods receives the negative test result.

US Foods Drug Testing Process

How Long Do US Foods Drug Test Results Take?

It typically takes 1-3 days for US Foods to receive the results of a pre-employment drug test. The urine sample has to be collected at the designated testing site then shipped off to a lab for analysis.

Most labs process drug screens within 24 hours and quickly forward results to the employer. If the results are delayed for some reason, US Foods does communicate this with the applicant.

What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test at US Foods?

Failing a drug test means you are no longer eligible for employment at US Foods. The company has a strict policy about not hiring candidates who test positive for drug use.

If you fail, you’ll receive a notification from US Foods stating that you did not pass the drug screening. The job offer will be immediately rescinded.

There is no appealing process or option to re-test in this scenario. Candidates must wait at least 6 months before reapplying for jobs if they fail the drug test.

Does US Foods Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

No, US Foods does not call candidates who fail the pre-employment drug screening. All communication regarding drug test results is done through email.

If you fail, you can expect an email from the recruiter explaining that you are no longer being considered for the position due to not passing the mandatory drug test. There will be no additional details given about the actual test results.

Employee Drug Testing Policies for US Foods

Does US Foods Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Yes, seasonal warehouse workers and drivers at US Foods undergo urine drug tests before being hired. The company wants to ensure anyone working in their facilities is drug-free even if they are only on board temporarily.

Does US Foods Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Warehouse employees are required to take and pass a drug test prior to their US Foods start date. Safety is a top concern when working in busy warehouse environments, so the company has strict screening policies for these positions.

Does US Foods Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Part-time employees in roles like warehouse associate or driver are subject to drug testing at US Foods. Company policy mandates pre-employment drug screens for all workers regardless of full-time or part-time status.

Does US Foods Drug Test Employees?

As covered already, US Foods administers urine drug tests during the pre-employment screening process for most positions including drivers, warehouse workers, and corporate staff. The only exception is interns who currently are not required to drug screen.

Does US Foods Drug Test For a Promotion?

Existing US Foods employees do not have to take another drug test when applying for an internal promotion or transfer. The pre-employment drug screening prior to being hired is all that’s required.

Does US Foods Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Employees who are injured on the job at US Foods may be asked to take a drug test. This is to ensure the workplace accident was not caused by drug use.

Refusing the drug test after an on-the-job injury can impact your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. Safety sensitive positions like drivers are more likely to face testing.

Marijuana Drug Testing at US Foods

Does US Foods Drug Test For Weed?

Yes. As a federal contractor, US Foods must comply with federal mandates that classify marijuana as an illegal drug. That means testing positive for weed will cause you to fail the US Foods drug screening.

Does US Foods Accept a Medical Marijuana Card?

US Foods does not make any exceptions for medical marijuana use. The company must follow federal guidelines that prohibit all cannabis consumption. Having a valid medical marijuana card will not exempt you from passing the drug test.

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