Does UNFI Drug Test?

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Yes, UNFI does drug test employees. UNFI uses urine or mouth swab drug tests and typically conducts drug testing during the pre-employment screening process.

Drug testing policies often vary by company location and the specific positions a job seeker is applying for. At UNFI, candidates for warehouse selector roles and drivers can expect to be drug tested as part of the hiring process. However, some corporate office positions may not require a drug screening.

When researching employment opportunities with UNFI, it’s a good idea to review current job listings and hiring policies on the UNFI website to get details on which roles currently require drug testing. Policies are subject to change, so checking for the latest updates is advised.

The information provided in this article was compiled through research of the official UNFI website as well as feedback shared by current and past UNFI employees online.

Does UNFI Drug Test?

Yes, UNFI does require pre-employment drug tests for most warehouse and driver positions. Candidates applying for roles involving operating machinery or driving vehicles can expect to complete a drug screening. However, some corporate office jobs may not require testing.

What Type of Drug Test Does UNFI Use?

UNFI utilizes urine drug tests and saliva drug tests. The urine drug test, or urinalysis, detects traces of drugs and their metabolites in a urine sample. This is the most common type of drug screening. Saliva tests analyze a swab taken from inside the mouth to detect recent drug use. Both test types are relatively fast and non-invasive.

When Does UNFI Drug Test?

UNFI conducts drug tests on job candidates during the pre-employment screening process, after a conditional job offer has been extended. This means applicants must pass the drug screening before being officially hired. UNFI does not routinely test current employees unless there is reasonable suspicion of drug use or an on-the-job accident occurs.

UNFI Drug Testing Process

Here is an overview of what to expect during pre-employment drug screening with UNFI:

How Long Do UNFI Drug Test Results Take?

Urine and saliva drug test results are usually available within 24-48 hours. A Medical Review Officer will contact the applicant directly if there is a non-negative result that needs to be reviewed.

What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test at UNFI?

Failing a pre-employment drug test will result in UNFI rescinding the job offer. Applicants who do not pass cannot be hired until they take and pass a new drug screening at their own expense after a waiting period.

Does UNFI Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

A Medical Review Officer will contact applicants directly if there is an issue with their drug test results. If the MRO cannot reach the applicant after 24 hours, they will notify the employer (UNFI) that the candidate is not eligible for hire.

Employee Drug Testing Policies for UNFI

UNFI has specific drug testing policies pertaining to different types of employees:

Does UNFI Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Yes, UNFI seasonals workers in warehouse and driver positions have to pass a pre-employment drug test. This includes seasonal warehouse order selectors and truck drivers hired for busy periods.

Does UNFI Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Yes, warehouse employees in selector, forklift and other active equipment operating roles are required to take and pass a drug test before being hired by UNFI. Random drug testing is not routinely performed.

Does UNFI Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Part-time employees applying for warehouse selector or driver jobs will need to complete pre-employment drug screening. Office roles may not require testing.

Does UNFI Drug Test Employees?

UNFI drug tests employees before hiring for safety-sensitive positions such as warehouse selectors, forklift operators, and drivers. Office employees may not be tested. After hiring, employees are only tested if reasonable suspicion exists.

Does UNFI Drug Test For a Promotion?

No, UNFI does not require current employees to re-take drug tests when applying for an internal promotion or transfer to a new role. Testing is typically only done before hire.

Does UNFI Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Yes, employees who are injured on the job at UNFI will be required to take a drug test per company policy. This post-accident testing applies to workplace injuries requiring outside medical treatment.

H1 Marijuana Drug Testing at UNFI

Here is UNFI’s approach to testing for marijuana:

H2 Does UNFI Drug Test For Weed?

Yes. Even though marijuana is legal in some states, UNFI does test for THC as part of standard pre-employment drug screening. A positive marijuana drug test result will disqualify a job applicant.

H2 Does UNFI Accept a Medical Marijuana Card?

No, having a medical marijuana card does not exempt applicants from passing UNFI’s drug test. A prescription for medical cannabis use in states where it is legal does not override federal DOT testing requirements.

In summary, UNFI does conduct pre-employment drug testing for most warehouse, distribution, and driver roles. While policies can vary, applicants should expect to take and pass a drug screening before being officially hired. Checking current job listings for details is wise. With preparation and awareness of testing policies, candidates can put their best foot forward with UNFI’s hiring process.

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