Does Shipt Drug Test?

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Shipt does not regularly require pre-employment drug testing for the majority of positions, based on our research. However, policies can change over time and there may be exceptions for certain roles or situations. It’s always best to review current hiring policies and job listings on the company’s website.

We found no evidence that Shipt universally requires standard drug screening as part of the hiring process. However, as with any company, there are sometimes exceptions depending on the job requirements. For example, those promoted to management roles or injured on the job may be tested.

Before applying, visit Shipt’s careers page to review eligibility and requirements for your desired position. Requirements can vary over time.

The information in this article was gathered from the official Shipt website, as well as feedback from current and past employees. However, hiring practices can change, so be sure to verify before applying.

What Positions are Available at Shipt?

Shipt hires for a variety of roles in their stores and warehouses. Here are some common entry-level positions:

  • Shopper – Shoppers are responsible for fulfilling customer orders by shopping at local stores and delivering items. Pay averages $15-$22 per hour.
  • Warehouse Associate – Warehouse workers assemble, pack and ship customer orders. Pay averages $15 per hour.
  • Customer Service Specialist – Customer service reps handle questions, address concerns and provide support via phone, chat and email. Pay averages $15 per hour.

Does Shipt Drug Test Any Positions?

Based on available information, Shipt does not appear to regularly drug test candidates for most entry-level roles like Shopper, Warehouse Associate and Customer Service Specialist. However, those in management, driving or operating heavy machinery may be required to undergo testing.

Does Shipt Drug Test for Promotions?

While rare, employees promoted to certain management or safety-sensitive positions could potentially face pre-employment drug screening. However, drug tests do not seem to be a general requirement for internal promotions or career advancement at Shipt.

Does Shipt Drug Test If Injured on the Job?

Yes, Shipt will likely require drug testing if an employee is injured on the job prior to receiving workers’ compensation benefits. This helps protect the company against liability and is common practice across many industries.

In summary, Shipt does not broadly require pre-employment drug testing during the standard hiring process based on current policies. However, there are potential exceptions for those promoted to management roles or injured while working. Always check directly with the company when applying to confirm drug screening requirements for your desired position.

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