Does ServPro Drug Test?

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ServPro does drug test employees, using urine tests, primarily during the pre-employment screening process or if an employee is injured on the job. Drug testing policies can vary by location and position, so it’s important for job seekers to understand the specific hiring practices at their local ServPro franchise.

Getting hired at ServPro or promoted within the company sometimes requires passing a drug test. However, not all ServPro locations drug test employees across the board. Policies differ depending on local and state laws, the nature of the position, and the preferences of individual franchise owners.

It’s a good idea to review the hiring policies and job listings on ServPro’s website to learn more about what specific franchises are looking for in new hires. The information below provides a general overview of ServPro’s drug testing practices, but applicants should double-check with their local office.

This article outlines ServPro’s typical drug screening policies. The contents were researched from the company’s official website as well as feedback from current and former ServPro employees. However, hiring practices can vary over time and by location.

Does ServPro Drug Test?

ServPro franchises typically drug test new hires during the pre-employment screening process. They mainly use urine drug tests to check for substance use.

In most cases, ServPro also drug tests employees involved in on-the-job accidents that require medical treatment. A failed drug test could impact their eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.

What Type of Drug Test Does ServPro Use?

ServPro primarily uses urine tests to screen applicants for drug use before extending job offers. Urine tests can detect marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamines, and other drugs within the past few days or weeks since last use.

A ServPro employee will be sent to a testing facility or lab to provide a urine sample. The sample gets screened for any traces of illicit substances using immunoassay tests.

When Does ServPro Drug Test?

The most common time ServPro conducts drug tests is during the pre-employment hiring process. Applicants accepting a conditional job offer from ServPro will need to take and pass a drug test first.

ServPro may also drug test current employees after on-the-job accidents. A failed drug test could negate their eligibility for workers’ compensation or lead to disciplinary measures.

Random drug testing throughout employment is less common at ServPro unless required for certain safety-sensitive positions. However, employees may be selected for additional drug screening if there is reasonable suspicion of intoxication.

ServPro Drug Testing Process

Understanding what to expect during the drug testing process at ServPro can help applicants properly prepare. Here are some key steps in ServPro’s screening protocol:

How Long Do ServPro Drug Test Results Take?

It typically takes 1-3 days for ServPro to get back urine drug test results from the lab. However, results can sometimes take up to a week or longer to receive. Applicants will be notified by ServPro if they passed or failed the drug screening.

What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test at ServPro?

Failing a pre-employment drug test will result in ServPro rescinding the conditional job offer. Applicants who fail would need to reapply for jobs after a waiting period and prove they can pass a subsequent drug screening.

For current employees, failing a drug test after an on-the-job accident may impact their eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits. It could also lead to disciplinary action such as mandatory counseling or rehabilitation, suspension, or termination.

Does ServPro Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

In most cases, ServPro will call applicants to let them know if they failed the pre-employment drug screening. Failing candidates are typically informed over the phone rather than by mail.

Employee Drug Testing Policies for ServPro

ServPro’s drug testing requirements can vary depending on the employee’s position, location, and franchise ownership. Here are some details on how drug screening policies differ within ServPro:

Does ServPro Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Some ServPro locations do drug test seasonal workers before hiring. However, seasonal employees may not face as extensive pre-employment screening as permanent staff. Drug policies depend on state and local laws as well as the preferences of the ServPro franchise owner.

Does ServPro Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Most ServPro warehouses do drug test employees before hiring as well as after on-the-job accidents. Pre-employment and random drug screening may be required for warehouse employees operating heavy machinery or driving vehicles.

Does ServPro Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

ServPro’s pre-employment drug testing typically applies to both full-time and part-time staff. However, part-time employees may not face as frequent or extensive random drug testing protocols compared to full-timers.

Does ServPro Drug Test Employees?

While not all ServPro franchises drug test every employee, the majority require pre-employment drug screening for new hires. Current employees may also face additional drug testing after accidents or if reasonable suspicion of intoxication exists.

Does ServPro Drug Test for a Promotion?

Most ServPro locations do not re-test or drug test employees again when promoting them internally. However, workers moving into safety-sensitive roles may need to undergo an additional drug screening.

Does ServPro Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Yes, it is standard practice for ServPro to drug test any employee injured on the job who needs medical treatment. A failed drug test could impact their eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.

Marijuana Drug Testing at ServPro

With growing marijuana legalization, ServPro’s drug testing policies concerning weed have come into focus:

Does ServPro Drug Test for Weed?

Yes, ServPro’s standard urine drug tests detect THC from marijuana use. Applicants and employees who test positive for weed could face consequences including rescinded job offers or disciplinary action.

Does ServPro Accept Medical Marijuana Cards?

ServPro locations in states where medical marijuana is legal may make exceptions for employees with prescription cards. However, pre-employment testing remains standard, and safety-sensitive positions may still prohibit marijuana use.

In summary, ServPro franchises typically drug test new hires and employees injured on the job using urine screening. Policies can vary locally, so check with your specific ServPro location for the latest protocols. Understand the potential repercussions of failing a drug test before applying for positions with ServPro.

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