Does Sanderson Farms Drug Test?

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Yes, Sanderson Farms performs drug tests for most of the company’s positions, and whether a drug test is performed also depends on the job location.

This company is the third-largest poultry producer in the United States. It’s a massive company with almost 18,000 employees and is a member of the Fortune 500 list.

There are many career paths that you can take within Sanderson Farms. They include hourly wage positions such as truck driving and egg pick-up jobs. There are also salaried positions available, such as jobs in the accounting or HR departments.

The company prides itself on adhering to strict values when it comes to its relationship with employees.

Read on to learn more about the drug testing policy and process at Sanderson Farms. The information in this guide was compiled through hours of meticulous research.

What Type of Drug Test Does Sanderson Farms Use?

Sanderson Farms typically use urinalysis drug tests. These tests are designed to detect the metabolites that linger around your body if you consume a certain drug.

This is the type of drug test that most companies usually use since it’s much more affordable than testing hair samples or running blood screens.

The main classes of narcotics they test for are

  • Cocaine
  • Psychedelics
  • Amphetamines

When Does Sanderson Farms Drug Test?

Sanderson farms conducts drug tests on the day of your interview. They have a nurse on site that gives you a collection cup and asks you to go to the toilet and provide a urine sample. The majority of applicants say that no one goes into the bathroom with you when you’re doing so.

Additionally, you may be required to go through a drug test if your performance or a certain incident on the job gives the company reason to believe that you’re using drugs. 

Sanderson Farms Drug Testing Process

Here are the details of the drug testing process you should expect when applying for a position at Sanderson Farms:

How Long Do Sanderson Farms Drug Test Results Take?

Hearing back from Sanderson Farms regarding your drug test results can take anywhere between 10 minutes and a week.

You’ll get an immediate response if the company doesn’t feel like it needs to run a background check on you. On the other hand, felons and individuals with priors will have to wait longer to get their test results. 

The exact waiting period depends on the case and the entity conducting the background check.

What Happens if you Fail a Drug Test at Sanderson Farms?

As far as legal repercussions go, there aren’t any you should worry about if you fail a drug test at Sanderson Farms.

However, you should note that a failed drug test means that you’re probably not going to get the job. A failed drug test also prevents you from being able to reapply for a position at Sanderson Farms for one year.

Does Sanderson Farms Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

The majority of applicants stated that they didn’t receive a call from the company telling them that their drug test came back positive.

Employee Drug Testing Policies for Sanderson Farms

Now let’s explore the drug test policy that Sanderson Farms adopts with employees of different types and positions:

Does Sanderson Farms Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

The majority of applicants state that Sanderson Farms’ drug testing policy for seasonal employees is equally as stringent as it is for full-time ones.

If you work for the company only during a certain time of year, you’re likely to be required to pass a drug test before you can proceed with your duties as an employee.

Does Sanderson Farms Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Part of warehouse workers’ job description is to regularly operate vehicles and heavy machinery. Therefore, Sanderson Farms is particularly diligent in maintaining safety in this aspect of the workplace.

In turn, warehouse safety protocols at Sanderson Farms include drug testing warehouse employees to ensure that they don’t put themselves and their co-workers at risk due to intoxication on the job. 

Does Sanderson Farms Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Just as for seasonal employees, the consensus seems to be that Sanderson Farms also conducts drug tests for part-time applicants.

Even if they’re not going to be working at the company full-time, these individuals are still going to be a part of the company’s operations for a considerable period. 

To ensure the safety of their customers and their workforce, Sanderson Farms prefers to make sure that even part-time don’t partake in narcotics.

Does Sanderson Farms Drug Test Employees?

Full-time employees at Sanderson Farms are definitely required to provide a clean urine sample before they’re given a job at the company.

As previously mentioned, applicants are drug tested on the same day as their interviews. They may also be drug tested again in the case of injury or a suspicious incident on the job. 

Does Sanderson Farms Drug Test For a Promotion?

Whether or not Sanderson Farms tests employees when they’re on the verge of getting promoted is unknown.

However, judging by the standard practices adopted by most companies, it’s unlikely that an employee that’s about to get promoted will be drug tested.

Does Sanderson Farms Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Sanderson Farms does indeed drug test employees if they get injured on the job. This is to ensure that the injury wasn’t a direct result of the employee being intoxicated at the time.

The result of that drug test is usually the deciding factor as to whether the injured employee is eligible to receive worker’s compensation.

Marijuana Drug Testing at Sanderson Farms

Here are the specifics of Sanderson Farms’ drug test policy when it comes to marijuana.

Does Sanderson Farms Drug Test For Weed?

The majority of applicants state that Sanderson Farms’ drug test policy doesn’t include testing for THC.

Does Sanderson Farms Accept a Medical Marijuana Card?

There’s no information available on whether Sanderson Farms accepts medical marijuana cards. However, since the consensus seems to be that they don’t test for cannabis, whether or not they recognize medical marijuana cards is irrelevant.

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