Does Sally Beauty Drug Test?

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Our research indicates that Sally Beauty does not drug test employees for the majority of positions. However, policies can change over time and there may be exceptions, such as for promotions or injuries on the job. It’s always best to review current hiring policies and job listings on the Sally Beauty website and application to confirm drug testing requirements.

We encourage readers to visit the Sally Beauty careers page to view open positions and get the latest information directly from the company.

The information in this article was compiled from research on the official Sally Beauty website as well as feedback from current and former employees.

Does Sally Beauty Drug Test?

From our research, Sally Beauty does not appear to drug test employees for most positions. However, there could be exceptions made for promotions to management roles or in the event of an on-the-job injury requiring medical treatment. Since policies can change, it’s best to check with the company when applying.

What Positions are Available at Sally Beauty?

Here are some of the common entry-level positions at Sally Beauty:

Sales Associate – Works the sales floor assisting customers, processes transactions, stocks shelves, and maintains the store. Pay starts around $11/hour.

Cashier – Operates registers, handles cash and credit transactions, balances the drawer, and provides customer service. Pay starts around $11/hour.

Merchandiser – Stocks shelves, rotates product, cleans up the sales floor, and completes inventory counts. Pay starts around $11/hour.

Salon Associate – Assists stylists, answers phones, books appointments, handles transactions, and cleans work stations. Pay starts around $11/hour.

Does Sally Beauty Drug Test any Positions?

Since Sally Beauty does not drug test for most positions, there are no specific roles that require mandatory drug screening during the hiring process. However, random drug tests or testing after accidents is possible in some cases.

Does Sally Beauty Drug Test for Promotions?

Sally Beauty does not appear to require drug tests when an employee is promoted to a management or corporate position. However, since policies vary, it’s a good idea to ask about drug screening when applying for a promotion.

Does Sally Beauty Drug Test if Injured on the Job?

There are no reports of Sally Beauty drug testing employees who are injured on the job. However, post-accident drug screening is a possibility if an injury requires medical treatment.

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