Does Pepsi Drug Test?

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Yes, according to our extensive research, Pepsi conducts drug testing before employment.

They not only use drug tests before offering you employment, but can also drug test you upon suspicion. We have spent hours researching  Pepsi’s drug testing information from multiple credible resources below so that you don’t have to wonder if Pepsi will drug test you as part of the hiring process.  

What Type of Drug Test Does Pepsi use?

From what we gathered in our research, the majority of former and current Pepsi Employees agree that Pepsi uses a Urine Test as their drug screening method. Urine tests are the predominant drug screening technique because it is non-invasive and accurate. Pepsi provides this drug test at their own  expense, and applicants have to visit a private laboratory where they will provide their urine samples.

When Does Pepsi Drug Test?

Pepsi conducts drug tests pre-employment, meaning that selected applicants will have to pass a urine test before receiving an employment offer. In other words, a negative drug test will determine whether an individual will qualify to work at Pepsi.

Pepsi will also conduct drug tests during employment, but only if there is misconduct or an accident during work that creates suspicion of drug use among employees.

Pepsi Drug Testing Process

How Long Do Pepsi Drug Test Results Take?

Our research indicates that Pepsi enforces urine tests. Urine test results can take about a day or two to return. 

What Happens if you Fail a Drug Test at Pepsi?

Pepsi has the right to take strict disciplinary action if you fail a drug test. If you fail the obligatory drug test before an employment offer, your application to work at Pepsi will no longer stand, and you will have to deal with rejection. On the other hand, if you fail a drug test during employment, you may face disciplinary action,which can also include termination.

Does Pepsi Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

Pepsi would likely not call you if you fail a drug test. However, since there is not much information available concerning this question, there may be a possibility that the company calls an applicant to inform them that they have failed their drug test.

Employee Drug Testing Policies for Pepsi

Does Pepsi Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Although there isn’t much information about Pepsi drug testing seasonal employees on their official job board, many credible third-party portals and review sites claim that Pepsi drug tests employees across the board, including seasonal employees.

Does Pepsi Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Warehouse employees are individuals responsible for managing important inventory and machinery. And so, it’s safe to assume that they do not also excuse urine tests for high-risk warehouse workers who are more prone to getting injured on the job.

However, our research also indicated that Pepsi’s drug testing policies might differ according to the warehouse facility and the role of your job.

Does Pepsi Drug Test Employees?

For existing employees, research has strongly hinted at conditional drug tests. Existing and current employees will only be subject to drug tests if there has been an injury or accident in the workplace.

Pepsi is generally stringent when it comes to using drugs as an employee. So you can expect them to test an employee even if there is a reasonable cause of suspicion.

Does Pepsi Drug Test For a Promotion?

There is little information about Pepsi’s drug testing for promotion. However, we found one source in our research that claims that Pepsi will indeed drug-test employees before promoting them or changing their job roles.

Does Pepsi Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Yes, Pepsi conducts drug tests if you get injured on the job. They do this to remove the suspicion that you were under the influence while working, which caused you to get injured.  If they’re able to prove you were inder the influence while at work, it’ll allow them to not beat any responsibility for the accident. 

Marijuana Drug Testing at Pepsi

Does Pepsi Drug Test For Weed?

Even though Marijuana or weed is legal in some states, it is still not federally legal, so Pepsi will drug test employees and applicants for weed. The drug test they will use for weed will be a urine test.

Does Pepsi Accept a Medical Marijuana Card?

Pepsi’s leniency towards medical Marijuana may differ from one state to the next. For instance, one online source claims that Pepsi will accept a medical marijuana card only if you provide it to the decision makers with a legitimate doctor’s note.

On the other hand, another resource claims that Pepsi will still conduct a drug test even if you have a Medical Marijuana Card.

We suppose that if your condition requires medical marijuana, and you have legitimate documentation and doctor’s approval, then there is a chance that the company will accept your medical marijuana card. It’s best to discuss with your superior upon hire so that there is no confusion.

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