Does NAPA Auto Parts Drug Test?

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Our research indicates that NAPA Auto Parts does not generally require pre-employment drug testing for open positions. However, as with any company policy, exceptions may apply and guidelines can change over time. Candidates should thoroughly review current hiring practices and job listings on the NAPA careers page for specifics.

We encourage all job seekers to check the NAPA Auto Parts website for the most up-to-date information to be certain about the company’s drug screening policies.

The contents of this article were compiled from research on the official NAPA Auto Parts website as well as feedback from current and past NAPA employees.

Does NAPA Auto Parts Drug Test?

From the information we’ve gathered, NAPA Auto Parts does not drug test employees as part of the standard hiring process. However, there are some exceptions to be aware of. For example, candidates applying for promotions or employees filing injury claims may be required to take a drug test. Guidelines can change over time, so check the NAPA site and job listings for current requirements.

What Positions are Available at NAPA Auto Parts?

Here are some of the typical entry-level jobs at NAPA:

  • Delivery Driver – Delivers parts to automotive business customers. Pays around $12/hour.
  • Retail Sales Associate – Works the sales floor in a retail store. Assists customers. Starts around $10/hour.
  • Commercial Parts Pro – Provides service and parts support to commercial shop accounts. Earns approximately $14/hour.
  • Store Counter Sales – Works at the retail parts counter assisting customers. Average pay of $11/hour.

Does NAPA Drug Test any Positions?

Based on available information, NAPA Auto Parts does not appear to regularly drug test applicants or employees. The main exception would be workers’ compensation claims. Employees who are injured on the job may be required to take a drug test.

Does NAPA Drug Test for Promotions?

From our research, NAPA Auto Parts does not drug test simply for promotions. However, as with hiring, the company reserves the right to test any employee when deemed necessary. Guidelines can vary over time.

Does NAPA Drug Test if Injured on the Job?

Yes, NAPA employees who are injured while working may be asked to take a drug test, especially if filing a workers’ compensation claim. This policy enables the company to ensure workplace safety and prevent fraud.

In summary, NAPA Auto Parts does not broadly require drug screening as part of the hiring process or for promotions. However, workplace injuries may prompt a drug test per company policy. Check NAPA’s website and job listings for current details.

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