Does Marriott Drug Test?

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Yes, Marriott performs drug tests on all new hires as part of the pre-employment process, regardless of the position. Marriott also conducts random drug tests on its employees throughout the year. Depending on the location, the test may be performed on-site or at a third-party lab. 

Job listings on the official Marriott page don’t explicitly state the requirement of a drug test, but multiple current and former employees state that they’ve had to undergo either a mouth swab or urine test on-site before they were hired. 

Marriott’s Code of Ethics doesn’t mention anything about the company’s drug policy or testing. The same is said with Marriott’s Code of Business Conduct

However, Marriott employees that participate in a company-provided medical plan have access to a comprehensive smoking cessation program that helps them quit smoking. The program includes a 24-hour “Quitline” service and nicotine replacement therapy treatments. 

The information in this article was obtained after hours of research through various websites. The answers provided were either taken from former or current employees, as well as from the Marriott website itself. 

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What Type of Drug Test Does Marriott Use?

According to the accounts of several former and current Marriott employees, Marriott uses one of two tests: mouth swab drug test or urine drug test. Depending on the method used, the test can range from 4 to 16 panels, with the most common being 5. 

Marriott’s drug tests test commonly abused substances such as cocaine, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), amphetamines, opiates, and Phencyclidine (PCP).

Screening is performed on-site or at a third-party laboratory.  

When Does Marriott Drug Test?

Marriot performs drug tests during the pre-employment process. The company would also perform random testing on its current employees. 

Marriott Drug Testing Process

How Long Do Marriott Drug Test Results Take?

Marriott drug test results come out between 48 hours to about a week, depending on the method used and the complexity of the test. Upon taking a saliva or urine sample, it gets sent to an independent laboratory where it’s tested. 

What Happens if you Fail a Drug Test at Marriott?

Those that fail the drug test during the pre-employment process are unlikely to get hired. Employees that fail a drug test may be suspended or removed from the job entirely. 

Does Marriott Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

We couldn’t find information on this question, but generally, those who fail a drug test pre-employment will hear from a Medical Review Officer (MRO) or HR. 

Employee Drug Testing Policies for Marriott

Does Marriott Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

According to former and current seasonal Marriott employees, random drug tests are performed. 

Does Marriott Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Employees that have worked or work in Marriott’s warehouse are subject to random drug tests. 

Usually, these tests are conducted once per quarter on a randomly selected day with randomly chosen employees.

Warehouse employees that operate machinery or regularly carry heavy loads are most likely to be called in for random testing. 

Does Marriott Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Yes. According to reports from current and former part-time employees, drug tests are administered regardless of the hours worked. As long as the employee is on a payroll, they’re subject to a random drug test. 

Does Marriott Drug Test Employees?

Accounts of current and former Marriott employees state that they were subject to random drug tests once every year or two. Employees are also tested in the event of work-related accidents or if there are suspicions of drug use. 

Does Marriott Drug Test For a Promotion?

We couldn’t find information to answer this question. However, most companies drug test during hiring, reassignment, promotion, and return to duty situations.

Does Marriott Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Yes, Marriott drug tests if employees get injured on the job to rule out suspicions of substance use while at work. 

Marijuana Drug Testing at Marriott

Does Marriott Drug Test For Weed?

Various accounts are given by various employees, so it depends on the location. Marriott employees that have worked or currently work in California, Las Vegas, and Florida state that Marriott doesn’t test for marijuana, but the same can’t be said for other locations. 

Marriott properties aren’t always managed by the corporation, so if the property is franchised, management may screen for weed during drug testing. 

Does Marriot Accept a Medical Marijuana Card?

It depends on the location. Some employees state that medical marijuana cards are accepted, while others say that it’s a cause for immediate rejection. 

If you own a medical marijuana card, show it to your hiring manager as well as any documentation that proves you have a valid prescription for marijuana. The Compassionate Use Act protects those with medical marijuana cards, but companies can still take action if they’re given evidence that marijuana was used at work or during work hours.

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