Does Life Time Drug Test?

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Life Time is a fitness company that operates gyms and athletic clubs across the United States and Canada. Based on our research, Life Time does not generally require pre-employment drug testing for most positions. However, there may be exceptions, such as for certain promotions or if an employee is injured on the job. It’s important to check Life Time’s current hiring policies, as drug testing requirements can change over time.

We looked at various sources in compiling this information, including the official Life Time career website as well as feedback from current and past employees. Drug screening policies can vary between locations and roles, so be sure to verify the requirements before applying.

What Positions are Available at Life Time?

Life Time offers a variety of employment opportunities across their clubs and corporate offices. Here are some of the key entry-level roles open to candidates:

Customer Service Representative – Greets members, handles membership sales, provides tours, and answers questions. Starts at $15/hour.

Group Fitness Instructor– Leads workout classes such as yoga, cycling, or bootcamp. Earns $25-35/class.

Kids Academy Teacher– Engages children in activities and supervision. Pay starts at $15/hour.

Maintenance Technician– Performs routine maintenance and cleaning of equipment and facilities. Typical wage of $15-18/hour.

Front Desk Associate– Manages check-ins, sales, and daily operations. Hourly wages start at $15.

Does Life Time Drug Test any Positions?

Our research did not uncover any positions at Life Time that require mandatory pre-employment drug screening. However, as mentioned previously, random drug testing may occur after being hired. Employees should be prepared to pass any drug test administered to remain employed.

Does Life Time Drug Test for Promotions?

We did not find concrete evidence that Life Time conducts drug tests for employees who are promoted. However, since policies can change, it’s best to be prepared for the possibility of getting tested if you move up into a new position with more responsibilities. Assume you may have to take and pass a drug test.

Does Life Time Drug Test if Injured on the Job?

Yes, Life Time will likely require a drug test if an employee sustains an on-the-job injury that necessitates medical treatment or lost time from work. This is a common practice for many employers. Refusing a drug test after an accident or injury can result in termination of employment in most cases.

Working at Life Time provides opportunities for growth into management and leadership roles over time. While recreational drug use may be overlooked for entry-level jobs, employees seeking career advancement should be prepared to pass any drug screening that protects the safety of members and mitigates the company’s risks. Check with your local club or HR department to learn more about current drug testing policies.

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