Does Hooters Drug Test?

 UPDATED: August 23, 2023   |  0 Comments

Our research indicates that Hooters does not generally require pre-employment drug tests for hourly employees like servers, hosts, bartenders, cooks or cashiers. However, policies can change over time and there may be exceptions in certain situations, like for promotions or injuries on the job. It’s always best to review current hiring policies and job listings on the Hooters careers website to get the latest information directly from the company.

This post examines Hooters’ drug testing policies based on online research, including reviews of the company’s official website as well as feedback from current and past Hooters employees in online forums. Information can change rapidly, so be sure to cross-reference multiple sources to get the full picture.

What Positions are Available at Hooters?

Hooters Girl (Server) – Hooters restaurant servers, called Hooters Girls, take orders, serve food and drinks, and entertain guests. Pay starts at minimum wage plus tips.

Host/Hostess – Hosts greet guests, manage waitlists, assign seating, and monitor dining rooms. Hourly pay starts around $9-$12 per hour.

Line & Prep Cook – Cooks prepare menu items like burgers, wings, and appetizers. Pay ranges from $10-$15 per hour.

Bartender – Bartenders mix and serve beer, wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. Pay with tips is $10-$20/hour.

Does Hooters Drug Test Any Positions?

From what we can tell, Hooters does not drug test hourly team members like servers, hosts, cooks or bartenders as a pre-employment screening. The company appears to only drug test in certain managerial roles that involve money handling or inventory management. For example, managers and assistant managers may be required to take drug tests.

Does Hooters Drug Test for Promotions?

There are no indications that Hooters administers drug tests when employees apply for internal promotions from hourly roles to management positions. However, since management roles involve cash handling and supervision, applicants may need to pass an initial drug screening.

Does Hooters Drug Test If Injured on the Job?

We could not find any evidence that Hooters requires drug testing for team members injured while working. However, workers’ compensation laws can vary by state, so there’s a chance testing could be needed depending on the circumstances of the injury.

In summary, it does not appear that Hooters drug tests hourly restaurant employees like servers, hosts or cooks as part of the hiring process. However, management roles may require testing. Be sure to check directly with Hooters to get the most up-to-date and accurate information about drug screening requirements before applying.

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