Does Grocery Outlet Drug Test?

 UPDATED: August 23, 2023   |  0 Comments

Our research indicates that Grocery Outlet does not currently require drug testing for any positions. However, company policies can change over time and there may be exceptions in certain situations, so potential applicants should always confirm hiring policies directly with the company.

It’s a good idea for job seekers to review the official career and hiring pages on the Grocery Outlet website to see specifics of what the company looks for in candidates. Candidates should also note any drug testing requirements listed directly in job postings.

The information in this article is based on research of the official Grocery Outlet website and feedback from current and former employees. Company policies can frequently change, so be sure to get the latest directly from the source.

Does Grocery Outlet Drug Test?

According to our research, Grocery Outlet does not drug test employees except in certain promoted positions or if an on-the-job injury occurs. However, company policies are always subject to change, so potential applicants should check the official career pages and job postings for the latest requirements.

What Positions are Available at Grocery Outlet?

Inventory Associate – Responsible for receiving, unpacking and processing shipments, stocking shelves, rotating inventory, creating appealing displays and providing excellent customer service. Pay averages $15 per hour.

Cashier – Greets customers, rings up orders, processes payments, maintains accurate cash drawer, bags groceries, and provides exceptional service. Pay averages $15 per hour.

Night Crew Stocker – Stocks shelves, organizes backstock, cleans work areas and equipment, and prepares the store for opening each day. Pay averages $17 per hour.

Does Grocery Outlet Drug Test any Positions?

Based on available information, Grocery Outlet does not routinely drug test applicants or employees. The company makes hiring decisions based on skills, experience and fit for the role. However, always check official job listings for any drug testing requirements.

Does Grocery Outlet Drug Test for a Promotion?

While drug testing is not required for most positions, there are reports that employees promoted to store management roles may be asked to take a drug screening. However, this does not seem to be a blanket policy and may vary by circumstance.

Does Grocery Outlet Drug Test if Injured on the Job?

As a best practice, many companies do require drug testing if an employee is injured while working. This allows the employer to screen for any substance use that may have contributed to or exacerbated the workplace injury. While we found no evidence that this is standard policy at Grocery Outlet, it remains a possibility.

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