Does Gordon Food Service Drug Test

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Usually yes, but sometimes no, depending on locations. Gordon Food Service typically uses urine drug tests. Pre-employment drug screening or testing after an on-the-job injury are the most common times Gordon Food Service administers drug tests.

If you’re interested in working at Gordon Food Service but not sure if you’ll pass the drug test consider the resources below:

Drug testing policies often vary between locations and positions at large companies like Gordon Food Service. While some corporate roles and leadership positions may require pre-employment testing, positions like warehouse workers and drivers are more likely to be tested. Knowing the specific hiring policies for your desired role and location is important.

It’s a good idea to review current job listings and hiring policies on the Gordon Food Service website to get the latest information. Requirements can change over time.

The information in this article comes from researching official Gordon Food Service employment resources as well as feedback from current and past employees.

Does Gordon Food Service Drug Test?

Gordon Food Service administers drug tests for some pre-employment screening and after workplace injuries. Testing is more common for warehouse, distribution, and driving roles where safety issues are a top concern. Corporate and office positions tend to have fewer drug testing requirements.

Policies differ across locations, so check with your desired facility and position to see if a drug screening is required. General company guidelines allow for testing, but local HR makes the final decisions on whether pre-employment screening is needed.

What Type of Drug Test Does Gordon Food Service Use?

Gordon Food Service utilizes urine drug tests for any required screening. Urine tests can detect recent drug use but not necessarily impairment.

The urine samples are sent to certified laboratories and tested for substances like marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and PCP. Results are generally available within a few days.

When Does Gordon Food Service Drug Test?

The most common times Gordon Food Service conducts drug tests are:

  • Pre-employment – Some locations require a drug screening for new hires, particularly in warehouse and driving roles. This is often stated directly in job postings.
  • After an on-the-job injury – Employees who are injured at work may be asked to take a drug test, per company policy. This aims to ensure drug use was not a factor in the incident.

Random drug testing throughout employment is not a common policy at Gordon Food Service. However, testing can be required if there is suspicion of intoxication on the job.

Gordon Food Service Drug Testing Process

If faced with a Gordon Food Service pre-employment or post-injury drug test, here are some key details on what to expect:

How Long Do Gordon Food Service Drug Test Results Take?

Urine drug test results are generally available within 2-5 business days. Gordon Food Service partners with certified labs that conduct quick analysis.

If a fast turnaround is needed after an on-the-job accident, Gordon Food Service can request expedited testing. This provides results within 24 hours in urgent situations.

What Happens if you Fail a Drug Test at Gordon Food Service?

Failing a drug test will revoke a conditional offer of employment with Gordon Food Service. Those already employed who fail a post-accident drug screening are subject to disciplinary action, including termination.

Does Gordon Food Service Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

Gordon Food Service will contact candidates directly if they fail a pre-employment drug test. Current employees who fail a test after an incident at work will also be notified, usually by their manager or HR.

Employee Drug Testing Policies for Gordon Food Service

While testing practices can vary, here are some details on common Gordon Food Service employee screening policies:

Does Gordon Food Service Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Seasonal workers like holiday help or summer interns are subject to pre-employment drug screening, depending on the location and position. Safety-sensitive short-term roles are more likely to require testing.

Does Gordon Food Service Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Yes, Gordon Food Service warehouse workers commonly face pre-employment drug tests. This policy aims to ensure safety and prevent workplace accidents. Random or post-incident testing may also occur.

Does Gordon Food Service Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Part-time staff are not exempt from drug testing policies. Pre-employment screening can be required for high-risk roles like drivers, even if only working part of the week.

Does Gordon Food Service Drug Test Employees?

In general, Gordon Food Service reserves the right to drug test employees per company policy. After on-the-job accidents or with probable cause, tests can be required. This aims to protect employee safety and health.

Does Gordon Food Service Drug Test For a Promotion?

Drug tests are not required simply for promotions at Gordon Food Service. However, those moving into safety-sensitive roles like management at a warehouse may need to pass a screen.

Does Gordon Food Service Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Yes, Gordon Food Service typically drug tests employees who are injured while working. This evaluates whether substance use contributed to the incident. Refusal may lead to disqualification from workers’ compensation benefits.

Marijuana Drug Testing at Gordon Food Service

With marijuana now legal in many states, here are some specifics on Gordon Food Service’s policies:

Does Gordon Food Service Drug Test For Weed?

Yes, Gordon Food Service urine drug tests do detect THC from marijuana use. A positive result, even with a medical card, may lead to disqualification.

Does Gordon Food Service Accept a Medical Marijuana Card?

Gordon Food Service adheres to federal laws, where marijuana remains illegal. State medical marijuana cards do not provide exemption from positive drug test results.

In summary, Gordon Food Service may require pre-employment and post-incident drug testing, especially for high-risk positions like drivers and warehouse workers. While policies vary, understanding the company’s overall testing practices can inform your job search. Checking with a specific location is the best way to learn about current requirements.

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