Does Gordmans Drug Test?

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Our research indicates that Gordmans does not regularly require pre-employment drug tests for most positions. However, as with any employer, policies and procedures can change over time. It’s always best to review current hiring guidelines and job postings on the Gordmans careers page for the most up-to-date details.

We always recommend doing your own due diligence before applying for any job opening. While drug testing does not seem to be the norm at Gordmans, there can occasionally be exceptions, such as for promotions or injuries on the job. Continue reading to learn more about what we discovered in our research on Gordmans’ drug testing policies.

The information provided here was gathered from a variety of sources, including the official Gordmans website, feedback from current and past employees, and job sites like Glassdoor. While we strive to provide helpful and accurate data, it’s possible policies may have changed since our research was conducted.

Does Gordmans Drug Test?

Our research did not uncover any evidence that Gordmans regularly conducts drug testing for new hires. The majority of job openings do not mention drug tests in their listings. However, as mentioned, it’s wise to double check each opening for any updated guidelines. There also may be rare exceptions where a test is required, such as when an employee is promoted or injured on the job.

What Positions are Available at Gordmans?

Here are some of the most common positions open at Gordmans stores and distribution centers:

  • Sales Associate – Help customers, run cash registers, stock shelves. Pay starts around $11/hr.
  • Stockroom Associate – Unload trucks, organize backroom inventory. Pay starts around $12/hr.
  • Department Manager – Oversee specific departments like home, apparel, etc. Pay starts around $14/hr.
  • Distribution Center Worker – Work in warehouse prepping online orders. Pay starts around $15/hr.

Does Gordmans Drug Test for Any Positions?

Based on our research, the vast majority of open positions at Gordmans do not require pre-employment drug screening. The main exceptions seem to be for management promotions or injury cases requiring workers’ compensation.

For entry-level roles like sales associate and stocker, pre-employment tests do not appear necessary. However, always carefully review each job posting for any up-to-date drug testing guidelines before applying.

Does Gordmans Drug Test for Promotions?

While pre-employment tests are rare, there have been some reports of drug screening for Gordmans employees up for promotion to management positions. This screening may be to ensure that those overseeing store departments meet a higher standard of responsibility.

However, promotional drug tests do not appear to be an across-the-board policy. Some employees have reported moving up to supervisor roles without any testing required. But it’s wise to be prepared for the possibility if aiming for advancement.

Does Gordmans Drug Test if Injured on the Job?

One situation where drug testing is more likely for Gordmans employees is after workplace injuries requiring medical treatment or workers’ compensation benefits. This testing ensures that intoxication was not a factor in the incident.

So while pre-employment and random drug screening are uncommon at Gordmans, employees should be aware that testing may follow any on-the-job injuries needing medical care. A positive drug test could impact their eligibility for workers’ compensation in that situation.

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