Does Fry’s Food Stores Drug Test?

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Fry’s Food Stores does perform drug testing on employees, depending on the location and position. Oral drug tests are typically used either pre-employment or if an employee is injured on the job.

Drug testing policies can vary quite a bit between companies and even between locations of the same company. While some positions at Fry’s Food Stores require drug screening, others may not. For example, warehouse associates are more likely to be tested than store cashiers. However, pre-employment drug tests are common for most new hires at Fry’s locations.

To get the specifics on drug testing for a particular Fry’s store or position, it’s a good idea to review the hiring policies on their website. Drug testing regulations are always subject to change, so checking for the latest requirements is recommended.

The information in this article was gathered from the official Fry’s Food Stores website as well as feedback from current and past employees.

Does Fry’s Food Stores Drug Test?

Fry’s Food Stores typically does require new hires to pass a drug test before starting employment. However, some positions and locations may not drug test. Pre-employment drug screening is more common for warehouse, distribution, and management roles.

What Type of Drug Test Does Fry’s Food Stores Use?

Fry’s Food Stores uses oral drug tests, also known as mouth swab tests. Oral tests analyze a saliva sample for traces of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opioids, and more. Results can usually be obtained within 24 hours.

When Does Fry’s Food Stores Drug Test?

The most common time for Fry’s Food Stores to administer drug tests is before an applicant begins working for the company. Many locations also require drug testing if an employee is injured on the job before receiving worker’s compensation benefits. Random drug testing does not seem to be regularly implemented.

Fry’s Food Stores Drug Testing Process

How Long Do Fry’s Food Stores Drug Test Results Take?

Oral drug test results from Fry’s Food Stores are generally available within 24 hours. The saliva sample is tested at a lab, where it is analyzed for the presence of various illegal substances and prescription medications.

What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test at Fry’s Food Stores?

Failing a drug test at Fry’s Food Stores will result in the applicant not being hired or termination if already employed. The company has a zero tolerance policy for failed drug tests. Employees who fail may be able to apply again after a waiting period, if state laws allow.

Does Fry’s Food Stores Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

Fry’s Food Stores typically contacts applicants directly if they fail a pre-employment drug screening. For current employees who fail a drug test, a supervisor or HR staff will notify the individual. The results are usually communicated within 1-3 days of the failed test.

Employee Drug Testing Policies for Fry’s Food Stores

Does Fry’s Food Stores Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Yes, Fry’s Food Stores does drug test seasonal staff such as holiday help or summer seasonal workers. All applicants should expect to take and pass a drug test before beginning seasonal employment.

Does Fry’s Food Stores Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Fry’s Food Stores distribution centers and warehouses do require drug testing for new hires. Employees in logistics roles also commonly face random drug tests and testing after on-the-job injuries.

Does Fry’s Food Stores Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Part-time workers like cashiers, stockers, and customer service staff at Fry’s Food Stores often have to take pre-employment drug tests. However, part-timers are less likely to face random or post-incident testing.

Does Fry’s Food Stores Drug Test Employees?

In general, Fry’s administers drug tests for new employees regardless of full-time or part-time status. However, pre-employment screening is more consistently required for warehouse, distribution, and management positions across Fry’s locations.

Does Fry’s Food Stores Drug Test For a Promotion?

Drug testing for promotions does not seem to be a common policy at Fry’s Food Stores. However, employees taking on jobs with more responsibilities – like shifting from a cashier to assistant manager – may face screening.

Does Fry’s Food Stores Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Yes, it is standard practice for Fry’s Food Stores employees to be drug tested if injured at work before becoming eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Refusing the test may result in denial of a claim.

Marijuana Drug Testing at Fry’s Food Stores

Does Fry’s Food Stores Drug Test For Weed?

The oral drug tests used by Fry’s Food Stores do detect THC from marijuana use. Applicants and employees who test positive for cannabis will fail the drug test. This applies even in states where recreational or medicinal marijuana is legal.

Does Fry’s Food Stores Accept a Medical Marijuana Card?

At this time, a medical marijuana card or prescription does not provide exemption from Fry’s Food Stores’ drug testing policies. Workers who test positive for cannabis due to medical use are still considered to have failed the company’s drug test.

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