Does Five Below Drug Test?

 UPDATED: August 17, 2023   |  0 Comments

Our research indicates that Five Below does not regularly require pre-employment drug testing for most positions. However, as with any company, policies can change over time and exceptions may occur in certain situations like promotions or on-the-job injuries. It’s always best to review current hiring guidelines on the Five Below careers page for the most up-to-date details.

This post reflects information gathered from researching official Five Below hiring resources as well as feedback from current and former employees. Drug screening regulations can vary between locations and corporate policies evolve, so be sure to verify requirements before applying.

Does Five Below Drug Test?

Based on available information, Five Below does not typically perform drug tests as part of the standard hiring process. There are a few potential exceptions noted below, but pre-employment screening does not seem to be the norm for most positions. As with any employer, requirements are subject to change so checking for updates is advised.

What Positions are Available at Five Below?

Here are some of the most common entry-level jobs at Five Below:

Sales Associate – Help customers, run the cash register, stock shelves. Pay starts around $10/hour.

Stock Associate – Unload trucks, organize backstock, place product on shelves. Pay starts around $11/hour.

Cashier – Greet customers, operate point of sale system, process payments. Pay starts around $10/hour.

Does Five Below Drug Test any Positions?

Five Below does not appear to regularly drug test candidates for typical retail store positions like sales associate, stocker, or cashier. Testing seems to be uncommon during the standard hiring process.

Does Five Below Drug Test for Promotions?

Promotions to management roles may require a drug screening at Five Below, but testing does not seem to be mandated for promotions for existing employees in most cases.

Does Five Below Drug Test if Injured on the Job?

Yes, Five Below will likely drug test any employee injured while working per standard workers’ compensation policies. Failing a drug test after a workplace injury can impact benefits eligibility.

While Five Below does not drug test across the board, it’s wise to be prepared for the possibility. Understanding company policies and potential consequences helps ensure a smooth hiring process.

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