Does DaVita Drug Test?

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DaVita does require drug testing. Pre-employment drug screening is mandatory for all new hires at DaVita, regardless of role or position. The healthcare company has a zero tolerance policy for drug use and wants to ensure that all employees are sober and clear-minded while on the job.

Drug testing policies can vary significantly depending on the company. Requirements often differ based on location, department, and job responsibilities. At some businesses, only certain candidates have to take drug tests, like those applying for positions involving heavy machinery or patient care. With other organizations, occasional random drug screening may happen after candidates are hired.

Readers are encouraged to review the official hiring and employment policies on the DaVita website to get the most up-to-date details on the company’s drug testing protocols. The information below was gathered from the DaVita site as well as feedback from current and past employees. However, requirements can change over time.

Does DaVita Drug Test?

As mentioned above, DaVita administers drug tests to all new hires, no exceptions. Candidates must pass a drug screening before officially being brought on board.

What Type of Drug Test Does DaVita Use?

DaVita utilizes urine analysis for its drug testing. Urine samples are collected at approved medical labs or facilities. Samples are then screened for the presence of various illegal substances like marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and PCP. The urine tests can typically detect drug use going back up to a week.

When Does DaVita Drug Test?

Drug screening happens at the start of the pre-employment process. After completing an application and interviewing for an open position, candidates must take and pass the urine analysis test before being formally offered a job.

DaVita Drug Testing Process

Once extended a conditional offer, candidates will receive instructions for completing the drug test. They will be given a list of approved testing centers and a deadline for having the screening completed, usually within 48 hours.

How Long Do DaVita Drug Test Results Take?

Urine sample results are generally returned within 24-48 hours. Some sources say DaVita aims to get drug test results within 24 hours when possible. Rapid drug screening allows the company to make speedy hiring decisions.

What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test at DaVita?

Failing the urine analysis drug test will result in the conditional job offer being rescinded. Candidates who test positive for substance use are no longer considered for employment. There is no flexibility or second chances given with DaVita’s drug screening policy.

Does DaVita Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

If an applicant fails the drug test, Human Resources or a hiring manager will reach out to notify them that they are no longer eligible for employment due to not meeting the company’s substance screening standards. This notification often happens over the phone.

Employee Drug Testing Policies for DaVita

DaVita also conducts additional drug tests in certain situations after hiring employees. Here is a breakdown of other times current staff may be asked to undergo screening:

Does DaVita Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Seasonal and temporary workers are subject to pre-employment drug tests like all other candidates. DaVita does not make exceptions for short-term hires.

Does DaVita Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Yes, warehouse staff and anyone else involved in operating machinery, vehicles, or technical equipment will need to pass an initial drug screening. Safety issues make drug testing mandatory.

Does DaVita Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Part-time workers also go through DaVita’s standard pre-employment drug screening process. All candidates must comply, regardless of their work schedule.

Does DaVita Drug Test Employees?

In addition to pre-employment testing, current employees may be asked to take drug tests in certain situations, such as:

  • After workplace accidents or injuries to evaluate safety risks
  • When reasonable suspicion of intoxication on the job exists
  • As part of random drug screening procedures

Does DaVita Drug Test For a Promotion?

Drug tests are not required simply for promotions or role changes within the company. The exception would be if the new position required operation of heavy equipment or vehicles.

Does DaVita Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Yes, employees who get hurt or injured at work may be asked to undergo drug testing. This evaluates whether substance use contributed to the incident. Testing may also occur after vehicle collisions or accidents causing property damage.

Marijuana Drug Testing at DaVita

With drug screening, DaVita does not differentiate between substances. It does not matter whether candidates use marijuana, cocaine, prescription medications, or other illegal drugs. A failed test results in a rescinded job offer no matter what.

Does DaVita Drug Test For Weed?

Yes, urine analysis can easily detect marijuana use. Weed (THC) will show up on DaVita’s drug screens and cause you to fail the test.

Does DaVita Accept a Medical Marijuana Card?

DaVita does not make any exceptions for medical marijuana use, even if employees have a valid physician’s prescription. Federal law still classifies cannabis as an illegal drug.

In summary, DaVita administers mandatory drug testing before extending job offers. Candidates must pass urine analysis screening to be eligible for employment. The healthcare provider also conducts additional drug testing in certain situations with current employees. Understanding the company’s substance use policies is an important part of the hiring process.

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