Does Citizens Bank Drug Test?

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Citizens Bank does not routinely require pre-employment drug tests for the majority of positions, based on our research. However, as with all company policies, there could be exceptions or changes to drug testing requirements. It’s important for job seekers to fully understand Citizens Bank’s current hiring policies.

Check current job listings on the Citizens Bank careers website to view drug testing requirements for specific roles you are interested in pursuing. Requirements can vary by position.

The information provided here is based on research of Citizens Bank’s public information and employee feedback. Drug testing policies can change over time, so be sure to consult the company’s direct job listings and confirm requirements when applying.

What Positions are Available at Citizens Bank?

Here are some common entry-level positions at Citizens Bank and typical hourly wages:

Teller ($15/hr) – Tellers interact with customers handling routine transactions like deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, etc. Tellers require strong customer service and cash handling skills.

Customer Service Representative ($16/hr) – Customer service reps answer questions, handle account inquiries, and resolve issues for customers by phone or in branches. Strong communication skills required.

Banker Development Program ($17/hr) – This development program trains employees to become licensed bankers and branch managers. Participants get hands-on experience across different roles.

Does Citizens Bank Drug Test any Positions?

No, Citizens Bank does not generally require pre-employment drug screening for typical roles like tellers, customer service, branch staff, and corporate positions. However, exceptions could occur for safety-sensitive roles, promotions, or injuries.

Does Citizens Bank Drug Test for Promotions?

Promotions do not usually require additional drug screening at Citizens Bank based on available information. However, employees moving into certain management roles may be an exception in some cases.

Does Citizens Bank Drug Test if Injured on the Job?

Yes, drug testing is typically required if an employee is injured on the job at Citizens Bank before workers’ compensation benefits would be granted. This is fairly standard practice across many companies and industries.

The bottom line is that Citizens Bank does not drug test as a general rule during the standard hiring process. However, be sure to consult each job posting for the latest requirements. And understand that policies can change over time. Entering a safety-sensitive role, seeking promotion, or suffering an on-the-job injury could potentially prompt additional screening.

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