Does Citibank Drug Test?

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Citibank does drug test for certain positions and locations, usually administering urine tests. Drug screening policies can vary depending on the role, department and location you are applying for at Citibank, so it’s important to check with your recruiter or hiring manager directly. This article examines Citibank’s overall drug testing practices so you know what to expect during the hiring process.

Drug testing protocols often differ between companies and even between locations and positions within the same company. Before applying to any job, it’s wise to review the hiring policies listed on job postings to determine if drug screening is required for the specific role and location you are pursuing.

The information in this article was compiled through research of Citibank’s company website as well as feedback from current and former employees. However, drug screening regulations are subject to change, so checking with a company representative is the best way to get the latest policies.

Does Citibank Drug Test?

Citibank does conduct drug testing for many positions across the company, especially for customer-facing and high security roles. However, drug screening is not necessarily universal or consistent across all business units and locations.

For example, branch employees and call center workers regularly undergo drug screening during the hiring process. However, some corporate office jobs may not require testing.

Drug tests are more commonly administered for new applicants rather than current employees being promoted. However, on the job injuries or accidents may also prompt drug testing procedures.

What Type of Drug Test Does Citibank Use?

When Citibank administers drug tests, urine tests are typically used. Urine testing is one of the most common and cost effective methods employers utilize to screen for drug use.

With urine tests, applicants are asked to provide a sample which is then analyzed at a lab to detect the presence of various substances like marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, PCP and alcohol. Results are usually returned within 24-48 hours.

When Does Citibank Drug Test?

Citibank most often drug tests during the pre-employment screening process for new hires in select roles. The company does not generally conduct random or annual drug testing for current employees unless they are required for certain safety sensitive positions.

However some reports indicate drug tests may also be administered after on-the-job injuries or accidents to determine if intoxication was a factor. Employees operated heavy machinery or driving vehicles for work purposes may face periodic drug screening.

Citibank Drug Testing Process

If you are notified that you will need to take a drug test for a job at Citibank, you can expect the following process:

  • After receiving a tentative job offer, you will need to schedule and complete the drug screening at an approved lab facility. Locations are provided during the hiring process.
  • You will have a limited time frame (usually 24-48 hours) to complete the urine drug test after it is requested. Instructions for finding a testing facility are provided by recruiters.
  • The urine sample will be sealed and shipped to a lab where it is analyzed for the presence of illicit substances.
  • Most pre-employment drug screenings at Citibank do not test for nicotine or tobacco. The focus is primarily on detecting illegal drug use.
  • Results are usually returned to Citibank within 1-3 days. If the test comes back diluted, you may be asked to retest.

How Long Do Citibank Drug Test Results Take?

Citibank urine drug test results typically take 24-72 hours to be processed and returned. However, it largely depends on the testing lab location and process.

Applicants are notified by Citibank recruiters or hiring managers as soon as the results come in. If the results are not received within 3-5 business days, candidates are recommended to follow up with their point of contact.

What Happens if you Fail a Drug Test at Citibank?

Failing a drug test at Citibank during the pre-employment screening process will most likely lead to the rescinding of a job offer. Applicants are not hired if they test positive for substance use without a valid medical explanation.

Current employees who fail random or post-accident drug tests may face disciplinary action up to termination depending on the circumstances and the company’s drug free workplace policies. However, employees can request a retest if they dispute the results.

Does Citibank Call You if You Fail a Drug Test?

If you fail a pre-employment drug test at Citibank, a recruiter or hiring manager will call you to let you know and rescind the job offer. For current employees, a supervisor or HR representative typically provides the news over a phone call.

Keep in mind, drug test results are confidential. Citibank does not disclose details without your written consent. However, you have a right to see your lab results if you wish to dispute them.

Employee Drug Testing Policies for Citibank

While testing practices can vary, here are some details on how drug screening may apply to different Citibank employees:

Does Citibank Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Citibank does not typically hire seasonal employees. However, the company may occasionally staff temporary workers through agencies. In these cases, drug tests are often required before the assignment begins.

Does Citibank Drug Test Warehouse Employees?

Warehouse workers responsible for inventory, shipping and equipment operation are likely drug tested at Citibank due to safety concerns. Pre-employment and random screenings may be implemented.

Does Citibank Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Part-time employees in customer-facing roles such as tellers and call center representatives are regularly drug tested before hire at Citibank. Testing practices for corporate part-time staff may vary.

Does Citibank Drug Test Employees?

Many Citibank employees are drug tested during pre-employment. But most positions do not require random drug screening once hired, unless mandated for safety reasons. Periodic or post-accident tests may occur.

Does Citibank Drug Test For a Promotion?

Citibank does not normally drug test existing employees applying for a promotion or transfer within the company. However, if the new role requires operating vehicles or heavy equipment, testing may be needed.

Does Citibank Drug Test if You Get Injured on the Job?

Yes, it is common practice for Citibank to drug test any employee that gets hurt or injured while working. This is to determine if intoxication contributed to the incident. Post-accident testing is standard at many companies.

Marijuana Drug Testing at Citibank

With marijuana laws relaxing across the U.S., many job applicants and employees wonder how cannabis use may impact drug screening results. Here are some specifics on Citibank’s policies:

Does Citibank Drug Test For Weed?

Yes, Citibank does test for marijuana and THC during standard 5-panel urine drug screens. So if cannabis is detected, the test will come back positive regardless of state laws or medical marijuana cards.

Does Citibank Accept a Medical Marijuana Card?

Citibank currently does not make exceptions for medical marijuana use in states where it is legal. So even with a valid patient card, testing positive for THC could potentially disqualify you from employment or lead to termination if already hired.

However, laws are rapidly evolving on this issue. Some companies are beginning to reconsider zero tolerance stances on marijuana. Citibank may update its drug testing policies accordingly in the future.

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