Does CBRE Drug Test?

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CBRE does not generally require pre-employment drug tests for the majority of positions, based on our research. However, there may be exceptions and policies can change over time, so it’s important to review current hiring practices.

We encourage job seekers to check the CBRE careers page for up-to-date information on which roles require drug testing. Requirements may differ by location and job responsibilities.

This information was gathered from online research, including the official CBRE website and feedback from current and former employees. Drug testing policies can change, so be sure to verify requirements before applying.

What Positions are Available at CBRE?

Here are some common entry-level roles at CBRE:

  • Administrative Assistant – Supports office operations and may earn $15-$18 per hour.
  • Receptionist – Greets visitors, answers calls, schedules meetings. Pay averages $14-$17 per hour.
  • Data Entry Clerk – Inputs data into databases and systems. Typical pay is $14-$16 per hour.
  • Customer Service Representative – Answers questions and resolves issues for clients. Earns approximately $15-$18 per hour.

Does CBRE Drug Test any Positions?

Based on available information, CBRE does not appear to require drug tests for most positions. However, there may be exceptions for safety-sensitive roles, promotions, or injuries on the job. Applicants should verify requirements before applying.

Does CBRE Drug Test for Promotions?

Research indicates CBRE does not drug test employees as part of promotion processes. However, exceptions could occur for safety-sensitive roles moving into management. Verify with your hiring manager.

Does CBRE Drug Test if Injured on the Job?

Information on testing after on-the-job injuries was not available. Workers’ compensation laws vary by state, so requirements may differ. Speak with HR for details if applicable.

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