Does Bob Evans Restaurants Drug Test?

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Our research indicates that Bob Evans Restaurants does not routinely require pre-employment drug testing for the majority of positions. However, as with any company policy, exceptions may exist and guidelines can change over time. It’s always best to fully review current hiring practices and job listings on the company’s website.

We found no evidence that Bob Evans Restaurants universally requires standard pre-employment drug screening across all locations and positions. This means applicants can likely expect a hassle-free hiring process without worrying about passing a drug test.

That said, some locations or select positions may require testing at the discretion of hiring managers. We always encourage job seekers to thoroughly read through any employment paperwork to understand company policies. View current job openings and application details on the Bob Evans Restaurants website.

The information in this article was compiled from the Bob Evans Restaurants website, employee commentary on sites like Glassdoor, and other reputable sources. While we strive to provide up-to-date and accurate data, specific hiring practices can vary over time and by location.

Does Bob Evans Restaurants Drug Test?

As mentioned above, pre-employment drug testing does not appear to be a universal or consistent policy across Bob Evans Restaurants locations and positions. However, exceptions likely exist for promotions and workplace injuries requiring treatment.

Specific details on testing policies are not publicly listed on the company’s website. However, employee reports indicate new hires are generally not subjected to mandatory drug screening. Promotions to managerial roles may require a background check or drug test at the discretion of corporate leadership.

What Positions Are Available at Bob Evans Restaurants?

Bob Evans Restaurants has over 500 locations primarily in the Midwest, mid-Atlantic, and Southeast regions of the U.S. They offer various entry-level roles including:

  • Server – Waiting on customers, taking orders, serving food. Hourly wages plus tips.
  • Cook – Preparing menu items in the kitchen. Hourly wages starting around $11/hr.
  • Dishwasher – Cleaning dishes, utensils, and kitchen equipment. Hourly wages around $10/hr.
  • Host/Hostess – Greeting customers, seating them at tables, managing wait lists. Hourly wages starting around $10/hr.
  • Busser – Clearing tables, stocking condiments, assisting servers. Hourly wages plus tips.

Does Bob Evans Restaurants Drug Test Any Positions?

As stated earlier, the majority of Bob Evans Restaurants hourly positions do not require pre-employment drug tests. However, management and corporate roles may be subject to screening at the company’s discretion.

Promotions from hourly positions into management would be the most likely scenario where an existing employee may need to take a drug test. This allows the company to ensure all supervisory staff meet background and compliance standards.

Does Bob Evans Restaurants Drug Test for Promotions?

While not an explicit policy, management and corporate positions at Bob Evans Restaurants may involve pre-promotion drug testing. Employee commentary indicates internal applicants looking to move up into supervisory roles have occasionally been asked to complete screening.

This allows the company to verify staff being promoted to oversee others or handle money meet all behavioral compliance requirements. Such testing is not mandatory but left to the discretion of the hiring manager.

Does Bob Evans Restaurants Drug Test If Injured on the Job?

Yes, Bob Evans Restaurants will likely require a drug test if an on-the-job injury occurs requiring outside medical treatment. This is a standard worker’s compensation policy, allowing the company to ensure workplace safety and limit liability around substance use.

Employees who test positive after an injury treated by a doctor may face consequences such as being denied worker’s compensation benefits. It’s important to understand these policies and potential outcomes ahead of time.

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