Does Aspen Dental Drug Test?

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Aspen Dental generally does not require drug testing for the majority of positions. Based on our research, drug screening is not typically part of the standard hiring process. However, policies can change over time and there may be exceptions for certain roles or situations. It’s always best to review current hiring guidelines on the company’s careers page.

We encourage readers to check Aspen Dental’s website for the most up-to-date information on drug testing requirements and other hiring policies. The specific requirements may vary by location and position. Here is a link to Aspen Dental’s careers page where you can search current job openings and learn more about the application and hiring process.

The information in this article was compiled from multiple sources, including the official Aspen Dental website, interviews with current and past employees, and online forums discussing Aspen Dental’s hiring policies. While we strive to provide accurate information, specific hiring practices can evolve over time.

Does Aspen Dental Drug Test?

Our research did not uncover any evidence that Aspen Dental routinely performs drug screening for most positions. However, there are a few exceptions where a drug test may be required. For example, employees seeking promotion to management roles or those injured on the job may need to take a drug test. Overall, drug testing does not appear to be a standard part of the hiring process at Aspen Dental for most jobs. Of course, policies are subject to change so double check current guidelines for the position you are seeking.

What Positions are Available at Aspen Dental?

Here are some of the most common entry-level jobs at Aspen Dental:

Dental Assistant – Dental assistants help dentists treat patients by preparing equipment, taking x-rays, scheduling appointments, and managing records. The hourly pay typically ranges from $14 – $18.

Customer Service Representative – Customer service reps answer phones, schedule appointments, check patients in/out, collect payments, and address customer issues. Hourly pay starts around $12 – $15.

Dental Hygienist – Hygienists examine patients’ teeth, provide cleanings, take x-rays, apply fluoride and sealants. Hourly wages tend to fall between $22 – $35.

Office Manager – Office managers oversee administrative operations, manage staff, enforce policies and procedures. Average pay is approximately $18 – $25 per hour.

Does Aspen Dental Drug Test any Positions?

Based on our research, Aspen Dental does not appear to routinely drug test candidates applying for dental assistant, customer service representative, dental hygienist, office manager and other common positions. However, some locations may require drug screening so be sure to clarify the drug testing policy when applying.

Does Aspen Dental Drug Test for Promotions?

While Aspen Dental does not typically drug test during the standard hiring process, there are reports of drug screening being required when an employee applies for promotion to a management role. Existing employees looking to advance into a supervisory or managerial position may need to take and pass a drug test.

Does Aspen Dental Drug Test if Injured on the Job?

The main exception to Aspen Dental’s general no drug testing policy is for workplace injuries. Employees who get hurt on the job may be asked to take a drug test. This follows common workers’ compensation practices to ensure workplace accidents are not caused by intoxication.

So in summary, Aspen Dental appears to have a quite lenient drug testing policy for most entry-level jobs. However, those injured at work or seeking promotion may need to take a drug screening. We advise checking with the specific location where you are seeking work for their latest guidelines on drug testing requirements.

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