Does Applebee’s Drug Test?

 UPDATED: June 24, 2023   |  0 Comments

Based on our research, Applebee’s do not typically require drug tests for the majority of their positions. Exceptions to this policy may occur in certain situations, such as promotions or workplace injuries. However, as is the case with any company policy, these rules can change over time.

We encourage readers to regularly check Applebee’s hiring policies and job listings on their official website to keep up-to-date with what the company requires from its employees. This will help ensure you’re fully prepared for any potential hiring requirements.

The information provided in this post is gathered from various sources. It includes details from the official Applebee’s website as well as insights from current and former Applebee’s employees. This research provides a comprehensive understanding of Applebee’s drug testing policies.

What Positions are Available at Applebee’s?

Before delving into Applebee’s drug testing policies, let’s look at some of the entry-level positions available at this popular casual dining restaurant:

  1. Server: This position entails delivering excellent customer service, serving meals, and providing detailed information about the menu. The estimated hourly wage is around $2 to $13, plus tips.
  2. Line Cook: As a Line Cook, you’ll be responsible for preparing and cooking meals according to Applebee’s recipes. The estimated hourly wage for this position is approximately $10 to $15.
  3. Host/Hostess: In this role, you’ll greet and seat guests, manage table assignments, and ensure a welcoming environment. The estimated hourly pay is between $8 and $11.
  4. Bartender: Bartenders at Applebee’s mix and serve drinks to customers. This position requires knowledge of a wide range of drink recipes and excellent customer service skills. The estimated pay is between $5 to $16 per hour, plus tips.

Does Applebee’s Drug Test any Positions?

Based on our research, Applebee’s does not typically require drug tests for any of its positions. However, this policy may be subject to change, and exceptions may occur in certain circumstances. We recommend checking the specific job listing and contacting Applebee’s directly if you have any concerns or questions.

Does Applebee’s Drug Test for a Promotion?

In line with their overall drug testing policy, our research indicates that Applebee’s does not usually conduct drug tests for promotions. However, this could potentially vary depending on the specific circumstances, location, or managerial discretion.

Does Applebee’s Drug Test if Injured on the Job?

While routine drug testing may not be part of Applebee’s standard operating procedure, they do conduct drug tests in the event of a workplace injury. This is a common practice among many companies to determine if substance use could have contributed to the accident.

In conclusion, while our research indicates that Applebee’s does not typically require drug tests for their positions or promotions, they do require drug tests in the case of workplace injuries. This information is based on data available up to June 2023 and may be subject to change. We recommend always checking the latest information directly from Applebee’s official resources and remaining prepared for potential variations in their policies.

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